​​March Movement Challenge

To kick off my website launch, I want to invite you to move your body everyday for the month of March. Click on the link below for a free video getting to know me coupled with a short but sweet practice to start off the movement challenge.

During this month I'll be posting on Facebook everyday to encourage you and I'd love your encouragement as well! I'll be moving by walking, hiking and of course, practicing yoga. I will be both indoors and outdoors. If you feel hesitant because you've never practiced yoga, or if you feel as though you aren't very flexible, I promise this is the place for you. I'd love for you to join the community!

Watch my Website Launch video now


Stacy has a wonderful positive approach to teaching yoga. I am new to yoga and after completing my private lessons I feel inspired and committed to incorporate yoga as a part of my everyday routine.

Jeanna M



Let's bring movement to our bodies everyday this month.

Start where you start and then let's build. With spring on the horizon, let's shake off the winter slumber and start moving. Together.


Mindfully nourishing our bodies in the way they deserve.

Small changes. Being more considerate of what we are putting into our bodies as a way of creating energy levels.


Inspiring each other to create healthy habits.

Sometimes moving in a forward motion is effortless; other times it helps to have friends walking alongside of you. Let's use this space as a platform to encourage one another.



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Self care is health care. It's not optional.

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