​​Self care is health care. It's not optional.

​​Did you know that yoga offers mental, physical and spiritual benefits? Additionally, finding time for yourself will allow you to show up more completely in other areas of your life. Join below to access a full library of classes ranging from gentle and beginner classes to working on strength, balance and flexibility. Try unlimited classes free for 7 days and allow me to be your self care advocate!

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What are people saying
What are people saying

Stacy is a wonderful yoga teacher. Not only is she skilled at instructing all levels from beginners to more advanced students, but she radiates love and positive energy. She is truly a gift.

Laurie H


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​​With membership you will have access to our private yoga group where we encourage one another. Also you will have the opportunity to practice live with me!

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Praying in Postures

Yoga means "yoke" and "union". As a christian I offer classes to connect spiritually with the christian faith. These classes follow a christian theme for each class, bible verses are offered and a Spotify playlist featuring christian music. Christians and non christians are encouraged to practice! xo

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