​​Hello friends! My goal as a guide in your yoga journey is to help you find a new appreciation and love for your body.  I truly believe that yoga is for every BODY, not just those who we sometimes judge ourselves against.  My philosophy is that someone else’s strength is not my weakness.  I would love for you to share in that wisdom. We are each on our own journey and everyday the path can be a little different. My goal is for you to know that whatever your version of yoga is today, it’s perfect. Your yoga is just that, all yours.  I want to help you feel encouraged, to explore, to build strength (not only physical), to become curious, to grow and to find rest. The yin and yang of yoga is about searching and finding balance. Welcome, I’m happy to have you as a traveling buddy!

Rooted in Love Yoga originated from a vision and a prayer.  I’ve been practicing yoga since the age of 19, some years more than others (when my children were very young it was difficult to find the time for my practice). After attending a Yin Yoga class in 2010, I felt passionately that certain yoga practices could and would add to not only my physical journey, but my spiritual journey with Christ as well.  For my personal practice, I love using the flow of postures as a way to worship and pray.

I am a 500RYT (which translates to having completed 500 hours of yoga instruction and training) and a 200ERYT (which translates to having the ability to train others to become instructors). As of February 2022 I have lead over 1200 hours of yoga clases and completed 200 hours of continuing education. I have also trained and become certified in Nidra, Meditation, Myofascial Release (MFR) and of course, Yin yoga.  I’ve done 3 certifications for Yin Yoga, the most recent included 8 days in Vancouver, BC training directly with Bernie Clark (author of the Complete Guide to Yin Yoga, Your Spine Your Yoga, Your Body Your Yoga, to name a few).  I am registered with YogaAlliance.

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The name is a perfect description of how you feel after a class with Stacy "Rooted In Love Yoga." After my very first Yin class with Stacy I felt like I'd had a massage of both body and soul. Her calming gentle voice helps guide your mind into a meditative state on even the most stressful of days. She radiates kindness and positivity both in and out of the classroom. Only takes one class with Stacy and you'll be hooked! I've taken classes with Stacy for over a year and have recommended her to all my family and friends.

Kirsten K.

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